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May 2010 “Virtual CEO Goal” Monthly Report

Helping to Promote a Local Brand of 'I Love Cebu' T-Shirts!

Location: Company HQ – Reading Time: 5-6mins

Number of Days in the Office: 19, Total Number of Employees: 186

So, another month passes, and I am now officially just 7 months away from my target of becoming a Full-Time Virtual CEO. Will I hit it? You bet your ass I will…! I don’t set targets to not hit them, guys…!

Amongst other things this past month, a local company wanted me to help promote their new ‘I Love Cebu’ t-shirt range, via billboards, mall banners and newspaper ad’s (as above!), which I was happy to do – as I whole-heartedly DO love this great little city! The rest of the month wasn’t as busy as past ones, mainly because it wasn’t meant to be. Let me explain…

May 2010 was very much my ‘sit back and see how things are going so far’ month. And that’s exactly what I did. I contemplated. I thought. I planned, and actually re-planned certain parts of the next 7 months ahead of me. And I came to one big conclusion – although I have excellent local management around me (some of the best in the business, I believe), I am going to have to hire a full-time expat to come and work for me here in the Philippines, at my company’s HQ.

Anyone Want a Job…?!

Ideally – this person will be American (as much of my client base in from the US) and should have a minimum of 3 years call center operations management experience. Starting to sound like a job advert, right!? Good. It is – if you’re interested, let me know via the Contact Page. There’s a good US salary and a chance to make profit share in the business for the right candidate.

Another thing that I realized was that the interest in our Virtual Assistant service has gotten more and more intense. And I mean, REALLY intense. The problem is that although there are a lot of people showing interest, they either a) don’t have the budget, or b) want to pay the service fee we, as a company charge, for our full-time VA service. They obviously need to go the freelancer route. (Find out more about these two different routes in my free eBook)

However, a lot of people are a little dubious of taking this journey because of all the research, interviewing and other time consuming tasks required to try and find a VA that can a) do the work you need done to a competent level, and b) have the relevant experience and can be trusted to get the job done.

It’s rare to find the ‘right fit’ the first time around…

Launching a New Service

So, May 2010 turned out to not be so much of a quite month after all, as for the later part of the month, I was busy putting together a spin-off service from both my outsourcing company and this blog, where we intend to bridge the gap for entrepreneurs in finding the best Virtual Assistants that the Philippines has to offer.

Utilizing our corporate set-up (which will include setting up a second office in Manila), top quality people, second-to-none local business contacts and the years and years of experience in the outsourcing industry, the new service will be the perfect conduit between the ‘service provider and freelancer’ routes, I promise!

Hope you enjoyed this month’s round-up, and stay tuned for more details!

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