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Mission Statement: I’m Gonna Change the Mindset of a Generation of Entrepreneurs!

cd-australia13In the last 7-days I’ve put on a keynote presentation and a private workshop in Australia where I had the pleasure to personally speak to, and with, hundreds of entrepreneurs on the subject of outsourcing, working with VA’s and building virtual teams.

I figure about only 30% of those that I met and got to converse with on the subject are already working with virtual assistants.

The rest are either about to pull the trigger, or probably never will, for one reason or another – hey, I’m not a mind reader, but I DO know that us entrepreneurs can be a strange breed from time to time!

Throughout the course of the entire week I kept asking myself one question:

Why haven’t they got started yet?

I mean, personally, I know the power behind outsourcing and building virtual teams of highly skilled workers, so it’s a no-brainer for me, but what about these other guys?

I asked many of them this exact question, and these were some of the answers I received:

  • Scared of losing control.
  • Don’t know how to get started.
  • Haven’t got the confidence to manage someone else.
  • Heard horror stories and are scared.
  • Concerned with confidentiality.
  • Haven’t got the time to train staff.
  • Wouldn’t know what to actually get the VA’s to do every day.

All very good reasons – to put it off. And trust me, there were MANY more. But, these are really just procrastination in action.

What Says the Tribe?

I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world on their outsourcing and virtual team building strategies and activities. And I know that the ‘Ducker Tribe’ have either seen me, or heard me talk about this subject many times before in the past.

However, I’m on a mission now!!!

I’m on a mission to get every entrepreneur out there thats busting their ass working crazy hours, chasing their tail and just gagging to become more productive, more profitable and overall a much happier person – to hire a virtual assistant and start making things happen in HUGE ways for themselves, their business and their futures!

This is about utilizing the phenomenal talents of VA’s from around the world (not just in the Philippines!) to be able to startup, build and grow new businesses regularly, leveraging risk, creating more opportunity and spreading financial income over several businesses, not just relying on one.

Oh, baby! I’m pumped!

So, to all of you… I ask one of the following questions, and PLEASE comment below with your answer. They will all be invaluable in shaping what I hope will become a HUGE shift in both entrepreneurial mindset, but also the way that we “Get shit done – New Business style”.

Already Working with Virtual Assistants…
What was the main reason behind you getting started with outsourcing?

Not pulled the VA Trigger yet…
What’s the number one reason why you’ve not got started with outsourcing yet?

ALSO: If you know of another business owner that you feel could contribute to this cause in anyway, please share this post with them – I’d really appreciate it.

I look forward to your replies, below. And thank you for all your support, in advance, for helping me change the mindset of a generation of entrepreneurs! 

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You’re just 10 steps away from your own
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