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Why Small Goals Out-Win Big Goals. Everytime!


It’s Monday.

The start of a new week.

I put goals in place each and every week. They’re small ones. But, I always hit ’em.

The difference between big goals and small goals is that the small ones are achievable, fast.

Do you have small goals in place for this week? If you don’t, I’d love for you to put one in place.

Right now. Today!

Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Make a start growing your email list.
  • Get a new landing page built to grow your marketing list.
  • Stop screwing around in Photoshop and outsource that graphic task.
  • Get on the phone with a new customer and find out what they need help with.
  • Finally get around to starting your blog, for good!
  • Reach out to five members of your community and say ‘thank you’.
  • Get a virtual assistant to plan out your weeks social media updates.
  • Push yourself a little more – add an additional day of exercise.

These goals all have something in common.

They’re small.

They’re achievable. Each and every one of them – by the end of this week.

Some people might call them a ‘quick win’. I just call ’em a small goal. 

I love hitting my small goals.

You will, too.

Try it, now – and be sure to tweet me what your small goal is. I’d love to hear from you, #SmallGoal

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