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Ask the Readers: How Important is Social Media When Building a Business?

Social Media for Business Growth

Hi everyone, and welcome to the second VBL Discussion post. I must say, I was really happy with the first discussion on the Hardest Thing About Being a Blogger. There were some great points raised by all who commented and I even picked up a few ideas, myself! Which was the whole point… To share ideas. I sincerely hope you got something out of it, too. If you commented last week, thank you for adding to the discussion and the community in general.

This week I’d like to kick off a discussion on Social Media and how important, or not, it is to entrepreneurs looking to build a business – either online or offline.

Here’s my take on this business marketing strategy…

I believe that Social Media plays a massively significant role in the growth of businesses today. And it doesn’t really matter if that business is online, or not. My company is a brick n mortar company, that although does indeed have a web presence, doesnt make any ‘real’ money selling products or services online.

However, without social media, we certainly wouldn’t have got to be in the position we are today, with the client base we have, too. I have signed many clients up after finding them (and them finding us) via Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook – in fact, I signed one last week via our company Facebook page!

For me, I believe that the power behind social media, from a business perspective, hasn’t even started to be utilized. I think the next few years are going to completely reshape the way that entrepreneurs look at planning the growth and sustainability of their businesses – with social media being very much part of their marketing diet.

Over to you guys!

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