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Mastermind Update: How One Business Owner Got Clarity, Gained Confidence and Started Taking *REAL* Action!

fernIn July this year I had the pleasure of holding two of my ‘Ducker Mastermind’ sessions in the USA, while I was there for the month attending a few events, handling a couple of speaking engagements and generally hanging out a little.

Both LA and NYC were fantastic mastermind events. I mean, serious stuff. There were so many highly enthusiastic and super smart people in attendance that I genuinely felt humbled to be the guy leading the discussions on both days.

There is something about getting a bunch of likeminded people together, in one room, for the day – and talking about nothing but business! Things happen. And for one particular entrepreneur that was part of the NYC session, a lot of things have happened since that day. And I wanted to give you all an update on his progress, so that you can see what happens when you embrace the power of taking action.

Subject: Fern Camacho (Before the Mastermind)

Fern is one of the nicest guys I’ve met at one of my mastermind events. He’s a devoted husband and father and he is also a dog trainer. However, he’s so much more than just that when it comes to business. This guy is a one man content creation army!!!

However… Fern will have no problems with me saying that he was all over the place! 🙂

There were a lot of challenges he was experiencing with his business, the following stood out for me:

  • A podcast that was focused towards a tiny niche.
  • An online course (which took months of work to put together) not selling, because it was also aimed towards a niche that was very small, and hard to market to.
  • He was pulled between working ‘physically’ as a dog trainer (and earning to provide for his family), and wanting to develop a more passive approach to income generating – problem is that dog training himself just wasn’t scalable.
  • He was ultimately not making any ‘real’ money with his online activities, because he was spreading himself too thin over a ton of different blogs, courses, podcasts and online content funnels.
  • Lastly, he hadn’t had a proper day off in years and years – something I was desperate to change for him.

Shortly after the mastermind, Fern sent me this video – it’s only 2mins – watch it. It moves the ‘story’ along nicely…

Subject: Fern Camacho (AFTER the Mastermind)

A while ago I emailed Fern and asked him to give me an update on his progress – stating clearly that I wanted to use the update as a way to show the readers of my blog how important it is to not just put yourself in these mastermind environments, but also to take action after being part of them. So many people turn up, enjoy, but then do nothing.

Fern did something. Actually, a lot of somethings…

Here’s the major points from Fern’s update, in his own words:

Hi Chris

I promised to give you an update on what I’ve been doing since the mastermind group, so here’s where I’m at.

1. I increased my all my rates for my offline dog training business and tweaked my website to really showcase me as an expert. I also hired one of my students to handle anyone who wanted my training style, but can’t afford me. I still have to do a few more things on the website but it’s almost done. It’s only been two weeks, but so far no one’s complained about the higher prices. Enjoying my first Sunday off in 6 years this weekend!

NOTE FROM CHRIS: By increasing his dog training prices, Fern not only catapults himself further into ‘Expert Status’, but he creates a second tier, thanks to bringing on one of his students, in case customers want a ‘cheaper’ option. As you can see, this has instantly cut his work week down to 6-day, instead of a full week, with no time off, ever – which was one of the things he complained about at the mastermind session.

2. I’ve totally restructured my online course to becoming a dog trainer to remove my active involvement. I’m no longer going to be actively promoting it, or have to do regular work toward it. It’s totally passive now. One interesting thing that I noticed that’s noteworthy – I redesigned the site using Optimize Press 2.0 which took the opt in form the side bar, to the home page ‘front and center’ and my opt-ins have gone up 4x, with only 2/3 the traffic going to the site.

NOTE FROM CHRIS: Again, by Fern removing himself from being actively involved in the course itself, he free’s up a ton of time. This time has allowed him to focus in on the course itself, as a revenue stream and although he’s decided to not actively promote it, it’s still going to sit there for the world to find, as well as be utilized in his autoresponder funnel and for everyone that comes across him in other areas online – all passively from now on.

only including himself at the higher price point Fern is creating a premium type of feel in his online course

3. I’ve decided to give up on my website and business designed to help dog trainers with the business side of the industry. It took a lot of my time but never really brought in enough money to justify continuing it.

NOTE FROM CHRIS: This is an official BOOM!!! moment for me. Sometimes as entrepreneurs we are too close to what we’re working on. The fact that Fern has looked at this from above and realized that he was investing way too much time in a business model that wasn’t making him any serious money is golden. Well done, buddy!!! 

4. I’ve switched my podcasting focus from the one I was focusing towards people who work with dogs to a new one aimed for anyone who has a dog. It’s called The Great Dog Adventure. It’s only been a week, but I already have 12 reviews (11 of them 5 stars) and am currently featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section of iTunes for the ‘Kids and Family’ category (see attached screen shot). 

fern-new-noteworthy podcast

What’s kind of cool is my old podcast, The Make Dogs Your Life Podcast, is also featured in the “What’s Hot” section of the Kids and Family section of iTunes. However, I really think this new podcast will get me much more exposure and bring in new opportunities. 

NOTE FROM CHRIS: This is a perfect example of the entrepreneurial pivot. Even though Fern was having some small success with his initial podcast, he realized, following the mastermind in New York City, that his audience was way too small to have any real, lasting growth potential. Flipping the script, he now creates podcast content for a much, much larger audience, which will enable him to capture a bigger share of a massive industry! Love this.

What’s Next for ‘Action taker’ Fern..?

After reading the update, I went back to Fern giving him a well deserved pat on the back, but also asking one very important follow-up question. What’s next?! 

Again, here’s the reply from Fern, in his own words:

My goal for the rest of the year is to build my email list via The Great Dog Adventure and my own website, then create a brand new information product that I can market to the list. I’m also going to spend some time building up my offline dog training business to get my new trainer some work, which will give me additional passive income.

I’ve also developed a training program for Dog Day Cares (Note from Chris: I had no idea these existed. Wow!) that I’ve done for two businesses here in NJ so far, and I plan on making an online version where I can help other dog day care businesses, throughout the U.S.

I’m a bit nervous about everything, yet confident that I have the skills to make it work. My big goal is to get myself out of debt by the end of next year.

Action Taking: The Conclusion

I’ve often said that the difference between entrepreneurs that kill it in business, and those that don’t are the action takers. There’s just something to be said for a business owner that is willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Nothing falls in your lap in business. Nothing. You’ve got to Chase It Down!!!

As you can tell, Fern now has so much more going for him, compared to when he attended the mastermind session in NYC. What I love about his update, above and beyond everything else, is the positivity he is now beaming with!

My Note to Fern: Congratulations, Fern, for everything you’ve achieved since July (such a short time), and I wish you all the luck in the world on your continued journey to entrepreneurial success. With the clarity that you’ve attained I reckon you’re well and truly on your way, my man!


For the rest of you…

Let’s have a mini mastermind right now, in the comment section below.

Give me ONE business issue that’s concerning you at the moment, or an idea that you’d like some feedback on and I will be happy to give you a little ‘tough love’ (ala Fern!), in a reply.

On the other hand, if you’d like to just comment on the post, it’s message of taking action, or leave a note for Fern – go right ahead…

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