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How to Use Super-Mobility to Beat Your Competition!

So, over the last few weeks you’ve seen a few videos featuring myself and Dan Andrews, of fame, talking about the VBL Core4 concepts… Namely, Entrepreneurship, Passive Income, Outsourcing, and now today we tackle the final subject of Super Mobility.

This is something that Dan is crazy about, and I have to say, he leads a much more mobile lifestyle than I do – but, then again, he doesn’t have 250 people working for him, and a family to keep him a little more grounded then I, either! 🙂

What Dan does so brilliantly in regards to the super mobility factor of the Virtual Business Lifestyle is truly… LIVE IT.

Super Mobility

In todays final clip we discuss:

  • The countless excuses of why people don’t escape their businesses.
  • Why ‘super mobility’ is more a mindset than anything else.
  • How I look at travel, and how I make the most out of my overseas trips.
  • Dan’s top 3 tools that he uses to get and stay mobile.
  • Dan’s packing concept for business on the go.
  • Why Dan’s outlook on whats ‘meaningful for his business’, and whats required.
  • Lots more great entrepreneurial chit-chat..!

When we started this video series, I never thought that it would create such a huge amount of positive feedback. To everyone that has commented, hit the ReTweet buttons or Shared / Liked any of the posts on Facebook, thank you. Your support has been greatly appreciated.

I’d love for you to tell us all about YOUR mobility tips, too. Software, devices, strategies – nothing is off limits. Please share your knowledge below in the comment section, help each other and lets close this 4-part series with a BANG!

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