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How to Get Your Virtual Entrepreneur Juices Flowing More Than Ever Before!

Today we have the beginning of a 4-part video series with fellow virtual entrepreneur and business owner, Dan Andrews. You might already be familiar with Dan, as he also contributes pretty regularly to this blog, too. As someone that produced over $800,000 in revenue – virtually – for his businesses last year, he has a few things to stand up and take notice of.

Dan is a full-blown virtual entrepreneur, lives in the Philippines for the majority of the year and we’ve hooked up on various occasions. What usually ensues is a fantastic entrepreneurial breeding ground of ideas, lessons, tips and tricks – and this video series is no different, I can tell you.

Be sure to watch right the way through to the end of the video for some out-takes, including our Soprano impressions – they are worth the price of admission alone!

In this first video we discuss being a virtual entrepreneur and business owner, subject points such as:

  • Building your online brand.
  • Launching a product / service to a small and large audience.
  • The differences between old school and ‘new school’ entrepreneurship.
  • Why you need to really care about your ‘business world’.
  • How your processes need to be put in place ASAP.
  • Why ‘lifestyle design’ has become so much more than just a ‘search term’.
  • Tons more stuff…!

Dan does something to me, personally. When I’m talking with Dan my own virtual entrepreneur juices get flowing very, very quickly. To be able to get on the same level with someone like that does great things for your thought process. We also seem to have a LOT of fun, too.

The second part of this series will go live next Monday, so be sure to subscribe NOW, via either RSS, or by downloading my free eBook, to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the goodies that are coming up!

Until then, if you have any comment, or questions in regards to virtual entrepreneurship, feel free to drop them to us below. And if you’re feeling ‘sweet’, then please Retweet, too! 🙂

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