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Ask the Readers: What are Your Top 3 Online Tools for Getting Things Done!

First up, I’d like to send out a massive HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my brothers and sisters from the ‘other side of the pond’, as we say in England – hope you guys have an awesome day with your families…!

Welcome to another VBL Discussion post. For those of you who haven’t been here before (read the first one here), every Thursday (I may skip the odd one!) I kick off a discussion with my two pennies worth on a topic related to the Virtual Business strategy, and then you guys pitch in with your take on the subject.

Hopefully, in the process, we give each other a ton of new ideas on how to get more productive, live awesome lifestyles, be excellent at what we do, and a whole lot of other important, interesting and inspiring stuff. So, today, I am opening things up on the subject of the three top tools that you use, online, to get things done.

For me, as someone about to become VERY virtual, I’ve been studying up in regards to online tools more and more and more recently. At present (and this might change in the future) my top three online tools for remaining productive are as follows:

Gmail & Google Calendar

Being able to check my email (across several accounts) from any device or computer connected to the internet is just a pure Godsend. Plain and simple. The fact that I can also access my entire schedule is even more awesome (although GCal has had a couple of brain farts recently that I haven’t been all that pleased about!). This set-up is a MUST HAVE for any virtual entrepreneur. Check it out at


I work with several staff in my company, and several staff that do not working directly for my company. Dropbox gives me the freedom to share files with everyone I give access to, they can then update them at your end and upload the newly amended file to everyone else in the Dropbox folder to stay up-to-date with everything. Sheer genius. I use this every single day, without fail. Check it out at


Since becoming an iPad user, I use this device a lot more than I do my laptop. I love that fact. Evernote gives me the freedom to make notes, jot down ideas, and to capture great content from the web to read / listen to / watch at a more convenient time. You can also attach images and audio recordings directly to your notes. It’s super powerful. Check it out at

Over to you guys!

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