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Website Pick-Me-Up #2: Getting ‘Social’ in the Right Way (Video)

Website Pick-Me-Up!About a month ago I posted on our Facebook page that I was wanting to do some free website coaching for subscribers and readers of the blog. What ensued was an onslaught of people wanting to have their sites looked over by me, which was awesome!

That first session highlighted three websites, and we focused on the importance of opt-in integration on a site, amongst other things.

I had so much great feedback from that first session that I decided to do it again. Again, I posted the alert on the Facebook page (if you’ve not liked the page yet – this is one of MANY reasons why you should – now!), and had another bunch of sites to choose from – which I do randomly, by the way.

In this session I go through each of the three sites, pointing out some changes I think might be a good idea to try out, and with this batch I’ve decided to focus on the integration of social media into the sites, and the importance behind it, too – but, there’s a lot of gold in this clip below, I think (but, I’m a little biased, obviously!).

Here’s he video, where I average around 5-minutes per site.

Websites critiqued in this video are:

Biggest Takeaway from This Session

We all know that social media is an important factor to doing business online nowadays. In fact, I focus on it entirely (going into the right way to use it for business, and the wrong ways, too!) for one of the 7-sessions that make up my free 7-Day New Business Bootcamp, and for good reason. The ability to communicate, connect and generally build rapport and a following online is greatly increased by using social media channels… in the right way.

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Implementing them onto our websites is easier than ever – however, even with that done, you must focus on having a consistent looking brand and feel across all of the channels, in order to come across as someone who knows what they’re doing and ‘gets it’ properly. This was clearly seen (and not!) in today’s session.

Let me know what you think a good topic would be for Session #3 of the Website Pick-Me-Up Series! In the meantime, do you have any social media tips and tactics to share? Please comment below! Thanks for the support everyone.

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