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Website Pick-Me-Up: 3 Subscriber’s Get a Good Grillin’ from Me! (Video)

Website Pick-Me-Up!Earlier on in the week, I posted a status update over on our Facebook Community, asking for people to volunteer their websites for a bit of a ‘beat down’!

I was astounded with how many people submitted their sites for public critiquing, but also happy to see so many great site authors following me online – even though they are doing just fine on their own, by the looks of things!

I’d love to have the time to go over every site in detail, however, I don’t. After scanning all of them, I selected these three that I felt were almost there, but needed a few tweaks in place, in order to get to the next level.

Here’s the video, where I spend around 4-5mins per site going into each one in more detail. You can also visit the sites themselves by clicking the links below the video, too.

Websites critiqued in the video are:


Although all the sites were very different, in regards to the way they looked, there was one major problem that they all had in common.

Even though they all had opt-in forms set-up on their site, none of them were really focusing on the importance of creating a super strong opt-in offer, or promoting that offer properly, on the site itself.

FACT: If you want to do well online, regardless of whether you’re trying to build an online business, or simply build a list to keep your ‘offline’ customers up-to-date with things that you’re up to – you must, must, MUST make it easy for people to get their email address onto your mailing list.

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If you don’t, you’re literally cutting a hole in your own pocket, and stopping money from landing (and staying!) in there.

Did you like this new idea of mine? Did you get anything out of it yourself? Would you like to see more? Maybe something a little different, but along the same lines? Please let me know all of the above by commenting below…

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