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What Exactly IS Your Brand? Here’s the Answer!

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As an entrepreneur, making it a priority to build my own personal brand has quite frankly turned out to be the best business move I’ve made in my entire career – and I don’t say that lightly, believe me. It’s brought about more opportunities than I could shake a stick at, and helped me grow my businesses bigger than I ever thought possible in the process.

Building your Brand is SMART because it:

  • Creates awareness of what we, as entrepreneurs stand for.
  • Gives us opportunities to become liked and followed consistently.
  • Elevates our credibility, because we embrace being ‘out there’ for the world to find.
  • Allows us to gain trust – which ultimately leads to more business!

Over the last few months I’ve talked a fair amount on the subject of personal branding, as well as the importance of building a brand online on a number of occasions – all of the content has been very well received and I’ve got lots of positive emails and tweets on the subject for the readers of this blog.

What I’ve Experienced Thanks to My Personal Brand

Here are a handful of amazing things that have happened to me, as a result of consciously building my own brand a few years ago:

  • I’ve become the number one go-to source in my industry.
  • I’ve been featured, countless times, in Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • I’ve been featured by,, Huffington Post, Success Magazine and other press outlets.
  • I’ve launched and catapulted a speaking career.
  • I’ve landed a traditional book deal (which has since become a bestseller!)
  • I’ve netted a large social media and blog following.
  • I’ve grown an active mailing list of well over 50,000 subscribers.

If all that wasn’t enough, like I said, I’ve also been able to grow my three businesses to a level I never would have imagined, with over 400 full-time employees working for me, and clients from all around the world.

10 Quick Tips to Branding Building Brilliance

  • #1) Have a Unique Blog Design – Don’t copy anyone. Create something new looking, and stand out. People want to do business with innovators.
  • #2) Get a Proper Logo Designed – Cheap (home-made) logos always look bad. Invest in a good one, use a service like
  • #3) Think About Creating a Tagline – You don’t ‘need’ it, but it might help get your message across quickly, especially in a crowded niche.
  • #4) Create an ‘About Me’ Page – Tell people about who you are, and most importantly how you will help them. Think about things properly and then do it. Check mine out here, too.
  • #5) Add Links to your Social Media Channels – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ – take the conversation off your blog.
  • #6) Publish a Podcast – The ability to literally be inserted into someones earbuds is untouched online today. It’s a medium that everyone loves.
  • #7) Publish Online Video via YouTube – YouTube is just like another search engine. Provide it some good content and people will find you.
  • #8) Create Unique, Compelling Content – Listen to your audience, they will help you solve problems and answer questions for them.
  • #9) Have a Unique Free (Opt-In) Offer – Work hard on building something you could charge $100 for, then give it away to build your email list!
  • #10) Be Yourself – Always. People can read right through the ‘Online BS’. So, be you. People want to do business with other people.

Build your brand, people. Build your brand.

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