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The ‘New Business’ Manifesto

New Business Manifesto

Throughout the course of a normal week, I’ll receive hundreds of questions from small business owners and startup entrepreneurs on the subject of starting and growing companies in today’s incredibly fast moving business world.

A lot of the time they are via our Facebook Community, and I’ll reply there directly. Sometimes its on Twitter, and some times via email. Bottom line: I freakin’ love hearing from you – regardless of how you reach out. So, please don’t stop!

One thing that I really love is the fact that the large majority of these messages come in from people that have already taken and finished my free training course, the ‘New Business’ Bootcamp, giving them a great kickstart in the process!

But, growing a business in today’s market is not just about learning how to blog, podcast, how to utilize online video, or work with virtual assistants (to name a few of the subjects tackled in the bootcamp). It’s also just as important to have the right mindset, than it is to have the skills!

We need to encapsulate EVERYTHING that we should ALL be about, in regards to changing the way we startup, market and build our businesses in today’s economy, so I bring to you, the ‘New Business’ Manifesto!

There are a couple of ways to enjoy and digest the manifesto…

First up, you can click the image above and a larger version will load up within your browser. Secondly, you can ‘right-click, save as’ HERE, and download a hi-res version of it, in case you’d like to turn it into a desktop wallpaper, or even print it to a poster of some size (I’m doing this right now – more on that at the end of this post!).

Lastly, you can watch the 1min video below. Please note: At the end, I use the word ‘s**t’ in this version, instead of ‘rock n roll’, as in the print version!

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Note: The ‘New Business’ Manifesto is licensed under the Creative Commons License. Which basically means you can use it anywhere, for anything, so long as you don’t alter it, and that you link back to this page.

This isn’t a Blog Post – it’s the Beginning of a Movement!

If you really want to make a difference, not just in your life and businesses, but also to inspire and motivate those that you know and care about that might benefit from the ‘New Business’ Manifesto, all you need to do is share it:

  • On your blog.
  • On your business website.
  • On your Facebook page.
  • To your Twitter followers and other social media fans.
  • To your email list.
  • Anywhere else you think it’ll help spread the word.

Business is amazing and being an entrepreneur is awesome!

I simply love this stuff…

Now – Please tell me what you think of the ‘New Business’ Manifesto below. I’d love to hear from you all on it!

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