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The 10-Step Small Business Website Checklist [Infographic]

Nowadays everything is instant – instant messaging, instant results, instant gratification – catching the attention of a new visitor / customer has never been more challenging. These days you barely have a minute (actually, it’s about 6-seconds, I believe!) to prove to your visitors that your website is worth sticking around for, which is why creating a strong first impression is crucial.

However, convincing them to stay and take a longer look involves a lot more than just a well designed site.

You need to have the fundamentals for a small business website in place, to make sure your visitors take your site and what it has to offer, seriously – and that they take the action you want them to take, when visiting. Once you have them in place, that’s where the real fun starts and you can begin to tweak your site and test it out to see what works for you and your audience!

There are so many strategies and techniques you can use to capture their attention, though it’s always important to make sure you cover the basics.  To make sure you have all the essentials covered, check out this ten-step small business website checklist for your small business website.


As you build out your site, you don’t need all the bells and whistles to convince visitors to stay – a simple and clean site can work just as well as a fancy-looking one. It will all come down to your content and what you have to offer.

Based on some of the topics mentioned in this infographic, here are a few more resources I’ve produced for you to delve into in a little more detail. I hope they turn out to be helpful for you.

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You’re just 10 steps away from your own
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